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Vancouver Public Schools receives frequent requests from outside organizations to distribute printed fliers and materials to students. As a courtesy, we allow distribution of fliers and other printed materials for nonprofit organizations only as stated in district Policy 1111 and Regulation 1111.

Printed materials must contain the following information regardless of format.

  1. FULL NAME of the sponsoring organization or agency
  2. CONTACT NAME and phone number
  3. CLEAR DESCRIPTION of the event or activity
  4. DISCLAIMER: “This event/activity is not sponsored or endorsed by Vancouver Public Schools”

A final copy (no drafts are accepted) of the material(s) you are requesting to distribute or post should be submitted for review. Email submission of your Word or PDF document is preferred.

  • Mass distribution of materials (one per student) is allowed at the elementary level (kindergarten through fifth grade) only. If distribution is approved, materials must be bundled by classroom counts that will be made available to you.
  • Approval to post materials on a community bulletin board located in a school and/or to leave copies (maximum of 25) for interested students is an option at either the elementary or secondary level.
  • To better regulate the number of materials that are distributed or posted, distribution approvals expire 14 days from the date of notification. Few exceptions are granted.
  • Official Vancouver Public Schools materials have distribution or posting priority. If at any time the amount of requests to distribute outside materials is excessive, the school principal has the discretion to delay or deny distribution.
  • Allow three to five working days for the review process. We will notify you if your materials have met the requirements and provide specific distribution instructions and bundle counts.
  • All approved materials must be distributed through the Vancouver Public Schools central mail system. School offices will no longer accept any materials delivered directly to them.
  • The reproduction, packaging and delivery of printed materials to the central mail room are the responsibility of the requesting organization or agency.
  • All copying, bundling and labeling must be completed prior to delivery to the mailroom. Supplies and space are not available to package materials on-site.
Vancouver Public Schools is unable to approve the distribution of fliers during the last two weeks of each school year due to the high volume of district/school-related materials that are sent home with students during this time.

Distribution of materials resumes each school year after the first two weeks of school are complete.


Melinda Cannell360-313-4734
Jim Parsley Community Center
4100 Plomondon Rd., Vancouver, WA 98661
Email submission of your document is preferred.