Moving Image Arts

A Career and Technical Education program area

Project Description

Why take Moving Image Arts classes?

Life is about communicating to be understood. Film and television is the ultimate form of communication. Through Moving Image Arts, you will combine writing (the message), composition of graphics (the visual), audio (the sound) and technology (the tools you use to capture it and put it all together) to create products that inform, enlighten and entertain your target audience to react on an emotional level.

Audio and Video Technology and Film Program of Study
Performing Arts Program of Study

Types of careers

  • Camera Operator
  • Video Technician
  • Film and Video EditorProject manager
  • Video/Film Equipment Dealer
  • Script Writer
  • Film and Video Producer

Sample courses

  • Moving Image Arts Explore
  • Moving Image Arts Animation
  • Moving Image Arts Documentary
  • Moving Image Arts Narrative
  • Moving Image Arts Focus

Student opportunities

  • Skills USA
  • VPS Cable Sports Production
  • Internships
  • Programming for VPS Web Site/Cable Television

Our partners

  • Lowe’s Hardware
  • Vancouver Public Schools Television studio
  • Kiggins Theater