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Originally built in 1943, rebuilt in 1956 and partially remodeled in 1992, McLoughlin Middle School serves approximately 900 students!

The school has a long history in Vancouver, from its WWII-era beginnings as McLoughlin Junior High School to its present-day diversity and innovation. McLoughlin also is the middle school home of the district’s Spanish Immersion program.

Thanks to a bond measure that voters approved in February 2017, this school will be completely rebuilt.

Read stories about McLoughlin

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McLoughlin is a diverse, vibrant school. But the school faces significant challenges in its facility.

  • Capacity: With a projected enrollment of 1,000 students in 2016-17 and more than 75 staff members, the building is at capacity. Some students must attend class in a portable. Space is at a premium. An office shared by three counselors is located in a closet, and the art room has no room for storage.

  • Age: The roof leaks in the gym and hallways; tiles are water-stained and damaged. Dark hallways and low ceilings in the 60-year-old building do not foster a positive learning environment.

Learn about the challenges and a symposium to brainstorm new directions for McLoughlin.

Design concepts

Planning teams of staff members and architects developed three design concepts:

  • Concept 1: Family
  • Concept 2: The whole experience
  • Concept 3: The commons

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