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Ogden is a diverse, caring school that cares about kids and their academic and social growth while encouraging parental and community involvement. However, the building’s age and size have created some limitations on the school.

Thanks to a bond measure that voters approved in February 2017, this school will be completely rebuilt.

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The last four decades have taken their toll on the building and created challenges:

  • CapacityThe school is overcapacity. As a result, some students must attend classes in portable classrooms outside the main building, students eat lunch in shifts and restrooms and storage are inadequate.
  • Facility designOgden’s past as an open-concept school still requires students and staff to pass through classrooms to get from one room to another. This can disrupt teaching and learning.
  • Aging structureThe school’s roof received major repairs in summer 2015. However, the repairs were not intended to be a permanent solution. Dry rot is an ongoing problem, and the roof leaks when it rains.

    Learn about the challenges and a symposium to brainstorm new directions for Ogden.

Design concepts

Planning teams of staff members and architects developed three design concepts:

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