Superintendent Steve Webb prefaced a presentation on the 2018-19 preliminary budget recommendations at the April 24 school board work session.

Said Dr. Webb, “At the March 13 school board work session, Chief Fiscal Officer Brett Blechschmidt presented the 2018-19 consensus budget.

“The budget adds approximately $21.2 million in additional revenue, but it also requires nearly $3.8 million in expenditure adjustments. These adjustments are related to staffing; retirement contributions; and materials, supplies and operational costs. The elimination of a one-time fund balance “bridge” from the 2017-18 budget of $2.8 million, leaves a total forecasted surplus of $14.6 million.

“As a reminder, $10 million of the surplus revenue will be offset by an equal reduction when the state fully executes the property tax levy swap, reducing the district’s local levy revenue in 2019-20.

“As the board is aware, the district will need to bargain the impacts of ESSB 6362, including a locally developed certificated instructional staff schedule and working conditions.

“Tonight, Brett will present a preliminary set of budget recommendations to consider, after receiving input from the district leadership team.  Nearly all of the recommended staffing investments are classroom/school-based or additions for support services.

“Absent further direction, we’ll finalize the recommendations and then begin to operationalize this budget for 2018-19.”