Coach of the Year nominations

The Vancouver Public Schools Coach of the Year award recognizes the positive impact coaches have on the lives of student-athletes. Every day, coaches work with students to develop self-confidence, courage, hard work and other skills necessary to be successful in life.

Criteria for selection

  • Must exhibit district core covenants of trust, integrity and excellence
  • Must be an active coach for the school year being awarded
  • Coach at the elementary, middle or high school level
  • Head coach or assistant coach
  • Exhibits knowledge of sport through understanding of rules and coaching strategies
  • Positive role model
  • Relationship-builder
  • Dedicated to the development of the program and the athlete year-round
  • Coaching history reflects success in developing athletes and programs
  • Supportive of other programs
  • Gives back to his/her sport by mentoring other coaches in the profession
  • Contributes to his/her community outside of athletics
  • Committed to his/her personal development as a coach

If you have a nominee who meets the qualifications, please complete the nomination form. You must include specific examples of how your nominee demonstrates the above criteria. A selection committee of Vancouver Public Schools athletic directors will determine the award recipients, who will be honored at the annual Coaches’ Institute held in August. All winners will receive a plaque. They also will have their name engraved on plaques to be displayed at their school and the district athletic office.

Submission form

Please fill out the following form completely.

Nomination deadline

June 2, 2023

2018-19 winners

Mark Phelan
Middle school

Joshua Christensen
High school

Patrick Mongrain
Middle school

Dennis Carline
High school

Shannon Long
Gaiser Middle School
Cross country and track
Pamela Laughlin
Hudson’s Bay High School

Toby Barrow
Jason Lee Middle School
Eric Saueracker
Hudson’s Bay High School

Julie Pagel
Fort Vancouver High School
Corey Mowery
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Greg Joy
Discovery Middle School