The board of directors approved Resolution 799 adopting the 2018-19 budget at the Aug. 14 school board meeting. Chief Fiscal Officer Brett Blechschmidt presented key highlights of the budget during a public hearing at the school board meeting.

“We’ve operationalized the 2018-19 budget given the board’s direction at its regular board meeting on May 17,” said Superintendent Steve Webb.

The budget has been submitted to Educational Service District 112 by Blechschmidt and his fiscal team as required per state statute.

Added Webb, “The four-year budget outlook includes the full effect of the state school property tax levy swap, which results in an estimated local levy loss of $22.5 million in 2019-20. The district will continue to maintain all current services and programs in future years; however, doing so requires spending approximately $2 million per year, for a total of $6 million, from the district’s savings/fund balance.”