Architecture, Construction and Environmental Services

Full-day magnet

Cultivate your education

Architect and studentsGreen is more than just a color at Hudson’s Bay High School. Visit the Architecture, Construction and Environmental Services magnet and you might find the school’s solar-powered treatment facility cleaning wastewater; chickens laying eggs to provide to families in need; mushrooms decomposing paper and cardboard scraps in the mycology lab; or an abundance of plants, fruits and vegetables germinating along the half-acre garden. On any given day, students in ninth through 12th grades learn by doing hands-on activities while they tackle complex subjects ranging from the future of fossil fuels to civil engineering and city planning.

The ACES magnet offers a unique experience for students who are interested in horticulture, natural resources, ecology, architecture, construction and related fields. ACES students can help propagate specimens at the beginning of the school year and then, in the spring, participate in the annual plant sale, which attracts gardening enthusiasts from all over Clark County. Students also can design and build sustainable structures using power tools in the building trades class or industry software and 3D printers in the engineering class. They might use the latest technology for data collection or compete in engineering and architecture competitions. They learn from professionals in the field.

Program requirements

  • Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Complete four ACES courses (minimum one per year, minimum one advanced)
  • Complete and submit record of ten community service hours each school year
  • Present capstone project at the end of senior year

Application process

Apply online during the magnet program application period, which typically begins in mid-January.

Madeline Shick360-313-4453
ACES coordinator