Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies (CIS)

Full-day magnet

A global outlook

Learn without boundaries at the Center for International Studies, a school-wide magnet for students in ninth through 12th grades located exclusively at Fort Vancouver High School. While gathering the knowledge, skills and habits needed for success in college, careers and life, you’ll actively learn about global issues and how you can positively impact our world.

Why CIS?

  • Expanded language offerings
  • Learning opportunities both within the U.S. and internationally
  • International studies pathway

CIS students are curious, aware and respectful of other cultures as they work toward global competence. They:

  • Investigate the world to ask questions and conduct research on locally and globally significant issues
  • Recognize perspectives to better understand interactions, situations and events in our world
  • Communicate ideas to connect with diverse audiences, increase understanding and collaborate
  • Take action to contribute positively to local, regional and global issues

The school is a member of the Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, a consortium of schools throughout the U.S. that are committed to developing global competence.

Application process

No application is required. All students who attend Fort Vancouver High School will participate in the Center for International Studies.

Allison Darke360-313-4000
Center for International Studies

Sample four-year plan (will vary if you also participate in other programs of choice)

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Freshman English (Standard/Pre-Advanced Placement) Sophomore English (Standard/Pre-AP) Junior English (Standard/AP) Senior English (Standard/AP)
Occupational Education or other elective World Themes: Washington Perspective (Standard/
U.S. History
Contemporary World Problems
Math (Algebra or higher) Math (Geometry or higher) Math (Algebra II or higher) Quantitative course (Math or Science)
Chemistry (Standard/
Physics, AP Science or Science elective Occupational Education, Science or other elective
PE (both semesters) Health (first semester) and PE (second semester) Elective Elective
World Language World Language World Language AP World Language

Career clusters

For more information on related high school classes, post-secondary options and potential careers, please review the Government and Public Administration (one or more pathway) Career Cluster.


  • International Studies Pathway


  • Washington State Career Skills Certificate
    • Foodservice/Culinary Arts
    • Introduction to Graphics Communication
    • Basic Digital Photography
    • Video Production