Culinary Arts

Half-day program of choice

  • Culinary Arts students set up for the patron tour
  • Culinary Arts student puts the finishing touch on malva pudding cake
  • Culinary arts, Fort Vancouver High School, magnet program
  • Culinary arts, Fort Vancouver High School, magnet program

Cook up something great

If you’ve got an appetite for food service, there’s a lot you might enjoy learning in the Culinary Arts program at Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies. This half-day program of choice provides a taste of the rigors and rewards of working on the line, as well as teaches students in grades 10 through 12 the skills and knowledge needed for restaurant management and professional catering. The curriculum is hands-on as students work alongside chefs to learn techniques they can use immediately both in and out of the kitchen. Students also can gain real-world experience through catering jobs, working in the Food Court Lunch Program at Fort or interning at the Passport Café at the Jim Parsley Center. Culinary Arts students leave the program with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce directly or continue their studies at a technical or four-year college. Aspiring cooks, caters, restaurateurs and anyone else who wants to learn about the business of making food are welcome.

Application process

Apply online during the program of choice application period, which typically begins in mid-January. Applications are reviewed and accepted based on student interest as detailed in the application.

If the deadline to apply has passed, please inquire about availability by contacting the Culinary Arts coordinator.

Cary Craig360-313-4000
Culinary Arts coordinator