Work session

A work session may precede the meeting. To verify whether a work session has been scheduled, please call 360-313-1000.

Board meeting agenda

Visit Board Docs for board meeting agenda information.

Attend the board meeting

The school board welcomes comments from parents, students and community members. Comments may be submitted through the superintendent’s office by letter or by email.

Public comments regarding policy, finances or other responsibilities of the board are taken at a designated time during the board meeting. Signup sheets are available at meetings for those who wish to address the board. Anyone who wishes to address the board must sign up prior to the start of the meeting. When called to speak, go to the podium and state your name and address into the microphone. Comments are limited to three minutes. The board will not make decisions regarding those comments during the meeting.

Concerns or issues regarding a specific school, teacher or student should always begin with district staff member(s) closest to the area of concern. Please contact the teacher, guidance counselor or the school principal. If concerns still exist, contact the appropriate district administrator listed under “Addressing the board.”

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