No. The Legislature still isn’t meeting the Supreme Court’s McCleary mandate to provide full funding for K-12 schools. A local levy for educational maintenance and operations remains necessary to make up the gap in funding for essential services, including custodial and building maintenance staff ($6.5 million) special education ($3.7 million), paraprofessionals who assist teachers ($3 million), school safety and security personnel ($1.8 million) and substitute teaching costs ($1.5 million).

Additionally, VPS’ local levy pays for community priorities, such as teachers for non state-funded class-size reduction in grades 4-12 ($5 million), athletics and co-curricular programs ($3.5 million), counseling service staffing above state funding formulas ($1.6 million) and staffing for the district’s 18 Family-Community Resource Centers and two mobile FCRCs ($1.1 million).