Outbreaks of head lice are common in the United States among children between the ages of 3 and 12 years. While outbreaks can be disturbing, lice are not a health hazard and are not responsible for the spread of any disease. In the past, students have missed many hours, even days, of school while attempting to eradicate head lice and nits (eggs). Current recommendations are that no healthy child should be forced to miss school because of head lice or nits/eggs.

Parents should know all they can about head lice and be vigilant for signs of head lice on their children. Information is available to help parents identify, treat and help prevent head lice.

Dealing with head lice is a difficult and frustrating experience for everyone. Remember, although head lice are unpleasant, they are not dangerous. Reassure your child that you love him/her, and that he/she is not the cause of this common problem.