Health and safety

Daily health screenings
Meals and recess
Getting to and from school
Cleaning and ventilation
At school
In classrooms
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Daily health screenings: What parents and guardians need to do

  1. A daily symptom check will be emailed or texted each school day to parents and guardians to confirm that no one in their household has any COVID-19 symptoms. There will be a separate email or text and unique link for each child.
  2. Upon completion of the symptom check, parents and guardians will receive an email indicating whether their child is eligible to come to school that day.
  3. If a student is not eligible to come to school, the absence will be excused. A separate absence notification is not required.

Daily health screenings: What happens at school

  • Students and staff will have their temperature checked as they enter the school.
  • Students and staff with a temperature above 100.4 degrees will be shown to a designated safe space, away from other people, until they can be retested. If a student’s temperature does not decrease, they will remain in that space until they are picked up by a parent, guardian or designated emergency contact person.
This is a daily symptom check. Based on your responses, you will either be approved to come to school, or you will be directed to follow other procedures. By completing the survey and submitting your responses, you agree that the information collected can be used by Vancouver Public Schools to provide a safe environment for all. The data will be used solely to determine if you should attend / come to school at this time and will be kept confidential.

Getting to and from school

  • Buses will be cleaned and disinfected each evening.
  • Elementary buses will be supplied with hand sanitizer and clean cloth masks.
  • Secondary buses will be supplied with hand sanitizer and disposal masks for students who forgot their personal cloth mask.
  • Schools will have marked designated drop-off and pick-up locations allowing for physical distancing.
  • If you choose to park and walk your child to the door or walk your child to school, you must wear a mask and maintain six feet of physical distance between yourself and others while on school grounds.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot have any visitors (parents included) on campus at this time.

At school

  • Physical distance of six feet or greater will be maintained in classrooms, offices, hallways, restrooms, shared space and outdoor areas.
  • Face coverings required:
    • Face masks or clear shields are required for all staff and students per Washington State Department of Health, except under special circumstances such as a developmental or health diagnosis.
    • The district will provide cloth face masks for all students and staff, although students and staff may wear a cloth mask of their own if it is appropriate for a school setting.
    • Students and staff must wear face coverings on the bus, on school grounds and inside the building.
  • Transition and movement through hallways and common spaces will be limited and/or staggered when practical to avoid crowding.
  • Hand-washing and/or use of hand sanitizer will be available at all times.

In classrooms

  • Desks will be arranged to allow six feet of distance between students.
  • Each student will have a labeled container of school supplies.
  • Shared learning materials will be minimized as much as possible and will be sanitized between uses.
  • Students will bring their iPads to school.
  • Some arts classes will continue but will be modified based on school staffing schedules.


  • Free breakfast and lunch will be provided to students in schools on days that they are attending in-person learning.
  • Elementary students will eat in their classrooms.
  • On days that students are learning remotely from home, grab-and-go meals will be available. These meals will be offered Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. They are free to all children 18 years old or younger. Students, parents or guardians can pick up meals at these locations.


  • Students will have outdoor recess time.
  • Masks and physical distancing will be required outside.


  • All staff will have access to cleaning and disinfecting products for daily use.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting will take place each night.
    • Use of EPA-registered disinfectants from List N (Vindicator, Vital Oxide disinfectant, electrostatic sprayers and disinfecting wipes)
  • On Wednesdays and Fridays, schools will be deep cleaned.
  • In the event of a positive COVID case:
    • Thoroughly disinfect the classroom, including all desks, chairs, sinks and counters
    • Use the electrostatic sprayers to apply Vital Oxide non-toxic disinfectant
    • Clean and disinfect any common or shared areas
    • Follow any additional sanitation guidelines from the Clark County Health Department


Heating and cooling systems will be set to allow for maximum airflow. Windows will be opened to allow for natural ventilation to enter spaces. Buildings will be flushed daily in the early morning to let in outside air.

Full health and safety plan

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