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Local school taxes

Education and operations levyTechnology levyBond measureSupplemental levy

Last approved
February 2019February 201920172020

Length of collection
2020 to 20232020 to 2025Approximately 20 years2021-2023

Pays for
Basic programs and services, classroom supplies, textbooks, equipment, special education, programs of choice, sports, extracurricular and intramural activities, Family-Community Resource Centers, counselors, maintenance of buildings and grounds, safety and security, utilities, insurance and fuel.Technology that supports students’ creativity, innovation and problem-solving and helps teachers educate students on the skills required for success on the job. It also maintains and renews tablets and laptops for all students in third through 12th grades.Remodeling, expansion and new constructionCurrent levels of programs and services, teacher positions that maintain small class sizes, efforts to continue to improve graduation rates and student achievement

Rate per $1,000 of assessed value
$1.50$0.31$1.2743 cents in 2021, 41 cents in 2022, 40 cents in 2023

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