Public records request

About public records

Washington law requires state and local agencies, which includes public schools, to make public records available to the public. This law, the Washington State Public Records Act, which is found at RCW 42.56, supports the public’s right to be informed about what their government is doing.

The law lists certain public records that do not have to be disclosed. These exemptions are intended to prevent unreasonable invasions of personal privacy or the use of public records for personal or commercial gain. If certain information contained in a document is exempt, it will be redacted (blocked out) from the document, but the requestor will still be provided with a copy of the document.

How to request public records

The law requires that the public records requested are “identifiable.”

Public records requests must include enough specific description so the district can locate the record you are requesting. For example, if you are requesting the district budget, include for which year you want the budget and if you want the entire document (about 100 pages) or a summary. A general question is not a public records request.

Submit requests by completing the following form:

Public records request form

Public records request exemption key

Requests also may be submitted in a letter. Be sure to include all the information required in the public records request form.

Within five (5) business days after receiving a request, we will do one of three things:

  1. Provide the records; or
  2. Acknowledge the request and provide a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to respond; or
  3. Deny all or part of the request in writing and state the reason(s) for the denial. State law requires citation of the specific exemption from disclosure.

We redact any records or portion of records that are exempt from disclosure and specify the exemption that applies to any redactions.

There is no charge to view documents at central office (2901 Falk Rd. in Vancouver). There is a per-page charge of 15 cents for copying, plus any postage. The cost will be calculated and provided to you beforehand.


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