Superintendent’s remarks, Board meeting: May 13, 2014

We received some positive adjustments to our levy equalization allocation that has enabled us, in part, to direct more support to building administrative and counseling services. We’ve been able to improve building-based resources that empower principals to make local decisions that best meet the needs of their students and staff and are consistent with their school improvement efforts around instructional quality. Our recommendations include an increase in the building differentiated-support allocations of $500,000 totaling $1.5 million in 2014-15.

Our team has reviewed all of the other discretionary- and combination-revenue investments and believes these are necessary from an operations and program perspective to sustain Design II strategic initiatives.

The Budget Development Final Recommendations document includes adjustments from the Board’s discussion on April 22. The Impact Statements and Estimated Costs document highlights budget allocations necessary for district needs and Design II priorities.

We hope to begin to operationalize the budget this spring and summer. The final budget will go to the Board in August for approval.