Vancouver Public Schools conducted initial testing for lead in water at all 35 schools in early May. Results of those tests, taken from the oldest faucet or drinking fountain in each school, found all water samples to be under the allowable limit for lead.

Since the initial testing, the district has been diligent in testing additional water sources at every school and other district facilities as an added precaution. A total of 322 tests were conducted over the summer at water sources believed to be the most vulnerable.

From this round of testing, one water source of concern tested over the state’s allowable limit for lead of 0.020. The source, a kitchen prep sink used to wash produce at Salmon Creek Elementary School, tested above the allowable limit at 0.029. The fixture was replaced and retested and is now below the allowable limit.

VPS will continue ongoing testing as part of its preventative maintenance plan. Routine monitoring is important and necessary as VPS is committed to providing a safe environment for its students and employees.


Clark County Public Health

Washington State Department of Health