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The current Walnut Grove Elementary building was built in 1952 and expanded several times over the years, including an extensive remodeling in 1996. It now serves approximately 770 students!

The mission of Walnut Grove Elementary School is to provide a safe and happy learning environment where students, parents and staff value achievement, cooperation, respect, compassion and accountability for all.

Thanks to a bond measure that voters approved in February 2017, this school will be completely rebuilt.

Read stories about Walnut Grove

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There’s a lot to celebrate at Walnut Grove, but the large number of students and age and condition of the 64-year-old facility have created some significant teaching and learning challenges:

  • No room for personalized learning: Because space is at a premium, students must use tables placed in hallways in order to work one-on-one with a staff member or in small groups.
  • Overcrowding: The gym is not large enough to hold the entire school at once, so assemblies must be held in shifts. Lunch also is served in shifts. Moreover, the playground is crowded during recess.
  • Traffic problems: The small parking lot and large number of students being dropped off and picked up hinder traffic flow.
  • Portables: Approximately 160 students attend classes in three portable buildings.

Learn more about the challenges and a symposium to redesign the school.

Design concepts

After a planning symposium on June 1, teams of staff members and architects developed three design concepts.

  • Concept 1: Community hub
  • Concept 2: Celebrating growth: From egg to eagle
  • Concept 3: Natural design

See all three concepts!

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