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Shumway Junior High School, the site of the present-day VSAA, was built in 1929. After the school was remodeled, VSAA opened in 1996. Today, it serves nearly 600 students!

The arts meet academics at VSAA, which is regularly ranked among the best schools in the nation. Every student in grades six through 12 has opportunities to tour different areas of the arts: visual, performing, literary, musical, moving image and recording. VSAA teachers are practicing artists who can advise on the creative process.

Thanks to a bond measure that voters approved in February 2017, this school will be expanded and remodeled.

Read stories about VSAA

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Students thrive at VSAA. However, the building is too small to serve its current student body adequately, much less fully meet local demand for the arts.

  • Capacity: Each year, this magnet school receives between 500 and 600 applications. Due to the size of the building, it can accept only 100 to 120 students.

  • Space: While the school features many dedicated spaces—everything from dance studios to recording studios—every available space is in use.

  • Parking: Space is limited for parking and presents a challenge whenever the school hosts large events.

Learn more about the challenges and a symposium to begin reimagining the school.

Design concepts

After a planning symposium on Nov. 9, teams of staff members and architects developed three design concepts.

  • Concept 1: Whole child

  • Concept 2: Sustainability

  • Concept 3: Vancouver community arts capstone

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