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Opened in September 1962 and remodeled in 1998, Columbia River High School serves approximately 1,200 students!

The school is known for its strong community; student and staff achievements; academic programs, including the International Baccalaureate program; and extracurricular and athletic opportunities.

Thanks to a bond measure that voters approved in February 2017, this school will be expanded and remodeled.

Read stories about Columbia River H.S.

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Columbia River High School has been ranked among the best high schools in the state and nation, but the age and condition of the building’s 500 wing have created some significant teaching and learning challenges. In addition, the school’s stadium does not accommodate the number of fans and spectators who attend games.

  • Age: After 54 years of use, the 500 wing has exceeded its lifespan as a facility.
  • Access and capacity: The 500 wing is not connected to the main building. Students must walk through a parking lot in order to access it. The wing also does not meet current teaching and learning needs, and its capacity is limited.
  • Stadium size: The seating capacity is 1,215, far below the number of fans and spectators who attend games.

Learn more about the challenges and a symposium to redesign the school.

Design concepts

After a planning symposium on Oct. 5, teams of staff members and architects developed three design concepts.

  • Concept 1: Creativity, action and access
  • Concept 2: Smart growth
  • Concept 3: Reimagining Columbia River

See all three concepts!

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