Six-pillar winners

Dana V. C.
Antonio I. U.
Manaola W.
Jareli D. M.
Asher D.
Brian D.
Ximena G. S.
Diltaj G.
Mary V.
Evelyn G.
Julie G.
Ethan T.
Kyla S.
Pamela M. B.
Evelyn E.
Gabriel S.
Emalee L.
Kaleb C.
Essence F.
Anaya P.

Attendance winners

Omar G.P.
Alfred G. C.
Kelly N.
Everett P.
Montserrat R. S.
Mary V.
Kaleb C.
Chanhee K.
Jose M.
Carl S.
Cassandra C.
Dominic C.
Zachariah T.
Jacqueline V.
Christian P. S.
Edward V. G.

Roosevelt Elementary student Kelly N. remembers the day that a headache turned into a trip to the office. She considered going home, but when she began to feel better, she decided to stay at school.

“I wanted to keep on learning,” she said.

Kelly was one of six students recognized for perfect attendance at a school assembly on June 10. Other students also earned honors for low absence rates throughout the 180-day school year.

“If you’re here all day, every day, you are doing what it takes to be on the road to college,” said Principal Karrie Yank.

While illness, family matters, outside commitments and other barriers can mean that perfect attendance isn’t feasible for everyone, the evidence for the importance of good attendance is compelling. Research has linked consistent attendance to student achievement, not only in the short term but throughout the school years and after.

“Attendance is important because we can learn and help each other and keep our friendships,” explained Ananya P., who received an award for modeling the school’s six pillars: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

And for classmates who might be tempted to skip school, the two students had this warning:

“You might miss something important,” said Kelly.

Added Ananya, “Or something fun!”