At the Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies awaits the next step for students in the  Spanish/English Dual Language program. Here students will take rigorous classes, taught in Spanish, that are designed to hone their language skills and prepare them for college, careers and life. They’ll also deepen their understanding of literature, culture and history while sharpening their critical-thinking and communication skills. Opportunities for learning-based travel, community involvement, certification and professional interpretation experiences further enrich students’ knowledge. Meanwhile, Fort’s Center for International Studies—in which all students participate at this tradition-rich, culturally diverse school—develops students’ global competence by teaching them to investigate the world, recognize different perspectives, communicate ideas and take action to benefit the world around them.

Pathway features


Students continue their education alongside the peers with whom they started the program.


Dual credit opportunities are available through two Advanced Placement courses.


Students can earn college credit and higher placement in college courses.


Students have opportunities to talk with native Spanish speakers from other countries.


Students may earn a Seal of Biliteracy on their high school diploma.


Partnerships with other language programs help shape the Spanish pathway.


VPS is exploring partnerships to support student travel for learning purposes.


Global virtual relationships and communication opportunities are available to students.

Rigorous classes designed to deepen students’ language and cultural skills and prepare them for success after high school

Why Fort?

FVHS is poised to provide local and international opportunities for students to apply and expand their knowledge of the Spanish language. Students will become globally aware and engaged citizens who are ready for college, careers and life.

Opportunity Center

Students can explore local, national and international service and learning opportunities, broadening their perspectives and enhancing their school experience. Information about group and individual travel is available.

What students are saying about Fort

“I’ve seen so much more of the world here.”

“We’re like family.”

“You will have a great experience here.”

“Wherever you go, someone is willing to help you.”

“Teachers are engaged and passionate about seeing students succeed.”

“Here, you make friends all over the place.”


Lucy Estrada-Guzman

Elsa Martinez-Myers