Vancouver, U.S.A

Vancouver is a thriving small city in Southwest Washington. We’re just across the beautiful Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

Schools and programs

We have 21 elementary schools, six middle schools, five high schools, an arts school, a STEM school and three additional programs.

23,400 students

Our diverse students have many opportunities to explore their interests; think critically; and prepare for college, careers and life.

3,300 employees

More than 3,300 dedicated professionals make up the VPS team. In a variety of ways, we all work together to help students be successful.

Fast facts

Our district by the numbers

Number of schools
Elementary schools (K-5) 21
Middle schools (6-8) 6
High schools (9-12) 5
Vancouver School of Arts and Academics (6-12)
Vancouver iTech Preparatory (6-12)
Fir Grove/Vista (1-12)
Lieser Campus (K-12)
Gateway to Adult Transition Education (18-21)
Scheduled school days
 School days  180
Size of district
District size 58 square miles
Average student-teacher ratio
Districtwide K-12 17:1
Student characteristics
Minority student population 44.5%
Number of different languages spoken by students 70
Students qualifying as low income 50.6%
Students receiving special education services 14.6%
Students in grades 1-5 receiving Highly Capable services 400
Students enrolled in K-12 language programs, magnets and programs of choice 3,700
Four-year graduation rate* (class of 2018)
*This figure represents only those students who graduated within four years.
Five-year graduation rate (class of 2017) 88.6%
Number of employees 3,300
Number of classroom teachers 1,406
Teachers’ average years of experience 11.3
Teachers with at least a master’s degree 67.4%
Students laughing in the rain with umbrellas. Pacific Northwest weather!

Vancouver is the best-value town in the West

Sunset magazine named Vancouver one of its 20 best places, citing the strength of the city’s public schools, family-friendly neighborhoods and amenities.

Recent achievements


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