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District facts

Students enrolled 24,000
Number of schools
Elementary schools (K-5) 21
Middle schools (6-8) 6
High schools (9-12) 5
Vancouver School of Arts and Academics (6-12)
Vancouver iTech Preparatory (6-12)
Fir Grove/Vista (1-12)
Lieser Campus (K-12)
Gateway to Adult Transition Education (18-21)
Scheduled school days
 School days  180
Size of district
District size 58 square miles
Average student-teacher ratio
Districtwide K-12 18:1
Student characteristics
Students with a home language other than English 24%
Number of different languages spoken by students 98
Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch 48%
Students receiving special education services 13.7%
Students in grades 1-5 receiving Highly Capable services 400
Students enrolled in K-12 language programs, magnets and programs of choice 3,700
Four-year graduation rate* (class of 2018)
*This figure represents only those students who graduated within four years.
Five-year graduation rate (class of 2017) 86%
Number of employees 3,300
Number of classroom teachers 1,330
Teachers’ average years of experience 10.9
Teachers with at least a master’s degree 72.3%