Welcome, future VPS students and families!

Kindergarten is a new and exciting time for everyone involved. Early learning is a big part of our district’s strategic plan and kindergarten is the foundation for your child’s career in the school system. The district’s kindergarten program is all day and located at every elementary school.

Children must be 5 years of age by Aug. 31 in order to enroll in the upcoming school year. You can check your child’s skill levels and readiness for kindergarten by downloading the Kindergarten Readiness Guide. These guidelines highlight some of the skills your child needs to be prepared for kindergarten and ways to prepare them for school.
There are two time frames in which you can register your student for the upcoming school year:

  1. The beginning of April, until the end of the current school year (when buildings close for the summer)
  2. Mid-August, when the buildings re-open for the school year

See “Dates to know” for specific dates.

You will register your student at their neighborhood school (determined based on your home address).

Visit the registering for school page to get detailed information of what to bring with you, including the registration form you can download (fill it out prior to arriving at the school).

Registration can take up to one hour. You’ll also need to bring:

If you do not have the above documentation, the school secretary has information about how to obtain it.

*If your child’s immunizations are not up to date, you can still register your child. Immunizations must be up to date by the first day of school, however.

There are three ways to find out which school your child will attend:

  1. Use the boundary map by entering your home address.
  2. Call the elementary education office at 360-313-1010.
  3. Call the communications office at 360-313-1230.

Magnet programs that begin in kindergarten

Some schools offer specialized language-based programs/magnet programs which begin at the kindergarten level. All programs have an application process and may require a boundary exception.

Getting ready for kindergarten: summer activity calendars

Download our summer calendars (download includes June, July and August) for ideas on what to work on each day before the first day of kindergarten!

Jump Start: Free program for all incoming kindergartners

All incoming kindergarten students are invited to attend Kindergarten Jump Start at their school. Children will become familiar with school routines and begin learning in this free program.

WaKIDSlogoWashington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills

WaKIDS helps support your family and child with the transition to kindergarten.

WaKIDS provides a snapshot of where your incoming kindergartner is in his or her development. The information helps teachers make instructional decisions and individualize learning. This includes:

  • Family connection
    At the beginning of the year, teachers learn about your student’s strengths and needs while making them feel welcome at school.
  • Kindergarten inventory
    In the fall, teachers take note of your child, focusing on the development of the whole child (social and emotional, physical, cognitive and linguistic skills). Teachers use the information to form classroom instruction.
  • Early learning collaboration
    Early learning community providers and teachers meet throughout the year to develop new ways to collaborate and share information.

Learn more about WaKIDS.

What your student is learning

You can support your child in school by knowing what they are learning and expected to know by each grade’s completion. Check out the grade-level expectation guides for kindergarten. Your child’s teacher will focus their classroom activities on these expectations.

Registered students and their families will be invited to visit their elementary school, meet teachers and learn more about the kindergarten program. Visitations typically last about one hour. Dates/times are subject to change. Please confirm with the school.

All incoming kindergarteners also are invited to attend their schools’ Jump Start program, which will ease their transition to school and help them be successful in kindergarten.


Contact your neighborhood school's office


Dates to know

Kindergarten-readiness guides