Our Mission:
Inspiring Learning.
Growing Community.

Each Student, Every Day.

Strategic Logo: Vision of a Graduate, Student-Centered Community, Student-Centered Experience, Student-Centered Staff and Equity

Why do we need a strategic plan?

Our community, society, and the future demands for students are constantly evolving. Our educational goals and priorities need to be constantly evolving to make sure our students, today’s children, are adequately prepared for what may lie ahead after they graduate as tomorrow’s adults, workers, politicians, voters, and community leaders. 

We want to make sure our goals and how we prioritize our work, time, funding and all decisions are aligned with the desires of our students, families and entire Vancouver community. 

So, we asked these groups several important questions so that we could align what we deliver based on these shared values.

We build on our VPS Core Values

Our schools prioritize and deliver daily.

A vision of a graduate: Community feedback

  • Academically prepared
    Graduates have demonstrated rigorous academic and life-ready learning of core knowledge and skills.
  • Culturally competent
    Graduates are compassionate and inclusive human beings who are aware of their own cultural beliefs and values and are empathetic to how those may be different from others.
  • Critical thinkers
    Graduates can independently and in collaboration with others utilize creative and critical thinking skills in search of informed solutions to difficult and complex issues
  • Effective communicators
    Graduates can clearly convey their thoughts and ideas and are receptive and responsive to others’ input.

  • Resilient
    Graduates are confident individuals who can persevere and adapt to changing conditions.

  • Life-long learners
    Graduates are curious and passionate learners who are inspired and ready for the real-world demands of their next step (i.e. workforce, trade programs, and/or higher education).
  • Engaged community members
    Graduates positively influence their local and global community while acting with integrity.

Our VISION of a graduate

Vancouver Public Schools Graduates have the core knowledge and life-ready skills to meet the real-world demands of their chosen next step. Our graduates are curious learners who can persevere and adapt to changing conditions. They are effective communicators who work independently or in collaboration with others in search of informed solutions to complex problems. Whether entering the workforce, trade programs, and/or higher education, VPS graduates are compassionate and inclusive human beings who will positively influence their local and global community while consistently acting with integrity.

We asked!

What should we focus on so that we can deliver on this Vision of a Graduate?

We heard!



The vision

Advance each student on their journey towards our vision of a VPS graduate through a diverse and skilled workforce that reflects our student population. Develop a culture of belonging by honoring the unique gifts of each student in an inclusive and inspiring learning community with both physical and emotional safety.



The vision

Design learning experiences that motivate each student to realize their potential and love for learning. Students see themselves represented, supported and loved through engaging instruction, curriculum, and our high expectations for their ongoing success towards our vision of a VPS graduate and beyond.



The vision

Increase family and community trust, connection, and partnership to ensure each student can thrive in their journey towards our vision of a VPS graduate. Partner with families and community to help determine and deliver needed access and support for our students.

Supporting goals

E1a. Increase access to inclusion for under served and marginalized students.

E1b. Strengthen access to necessary support systems for each student to thrive in our school communities.

E1c. Strengthen support provided to students and families for transitions through grade levels, schools and graduation.

E1d. Ensure student behavioral expectations are clear and discipline outcomes are equitable.

E2a. Use universal design practices to ensure access to evidence-based instruction that focuses on critical thinking skills for each student.

E2b. Ensure an evidence-based core curriculum and a balanced system of assessment for each student.

E2c. Refine multi-tiered systems of support to ensure each student has the necessary learning experiences and access to thrive.