Get more than you give—become a volunteer!

Help develop successful, confident students.

We encourage and welcome you to volunteer your time in our schools. Volunteers help out in all of our schools—from kindergarten to high school—taking on a variety of roles to help our students succeed.

You don’t need teaching or professional experience to volunteer. The most important qualification is a genuine interest in helping our students and teachers maximize their potential.

What volunteers do

  • Tutor and mentor students
  • Chaperone activities
  • Assist teachers
  • Have lunch
  • Help out in the office

…and so much more!

Volunteer placement

Recruitment and placement of volunteers is done at the school building level. Frequently community volunteers connect with a school that is close to their home or place of work or choose an age level of students they prefer. To help with your placement, consider these questions:

  • Would you like to work directly with students?
  • What kind of volunteer job would you like to do?
  • Where would you prefer to work—elementary, middle or high school?
  • What days or hours do you prefer?
  • How much time do you want to commit to a volunteer job?

How to become a volunteer


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