2021-22 school year

Training for school staff members

In April 2021, the Washington state legislature passed a law that requires training for school staff members and school board members on cultural competency, diversity, equity and inclusion. This bill has no component of training or curriculum for students. As part of a district equity initiative, however, Vancouver Public Schools has developed the following outcomes for staff focus for professional learning growth in the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years. These outcomes will help employees more effectively meet the needs of every student. When we ensure that each child can benefit from great learning environments, our communities benefit from the talents and skills they develop.

Outcomes for administrative and certificated staff including principals, associate principals, teachers, specialists, counselors, occupational and physical therapists and school psychologists

Learning growth

I will provide meaningful feedback on each student’s learning growth.

Social awareness

I will help students better understand their emotions and increase their social awareness.

Two-way communication

I will engage students’ families with two-way communication.

Independent learners

I will help students become expert and independent learners.

Capable students

I will support each student as they become more self-aware, self-regulating and capable.

Outcomes for all staff including paraeducators, bus drivers, cafeteria and custodial


I will focus on the strengths, skills and attributes that students already possess.


I will listen actively to the communities I serve so that I can learn from and with them.


I will increase my understanding of cultural differences to support student learning.


I will be mindful of students’ perspectives and experiences related to race, class, gender, culture and ability as I create and support learning opportunities.


I will collaborate with my colleagues in supporting each student.


I will meet my professional and safety responsibilities to each student.