VPS uses data to form a detailed profile of student, school and district performance; illuminate successes; and identify opportunities for improvement. In addition, we report data to the state of Washington’s K-12 public education agency, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and comply with federal mandates to demonstrate adequate yearly progress.

This page contains two types of data:

Number OneSchool and district performance scorecards
State test scores, grade-appropriate achievements and school demographics

Number TwoSchool and district report cards
State test scores, student demographics and teacher information

Comprehensive reports created by VPS

School performance scorecards—Data includes state test scores, grade-appropriate achievements, attendance and discipline rates and school demographics. The actionable data allows principals to see performance gaps and to better provide the correct support to align school performance goals to outcomes.

District performance scorecards—Presents performance indicators that support three system goals identified by key stakeholders: student achievement, school climate and college and career readiness. Indicator targets for 2020 are set by using 2015 baseline results for each measure and closing achievement gaps for students of poverty by 2020.

State and federal
Data reported to OSPI

School report cards: state test scores, student demographics and teacher information, by school

District report card: state test scores, student demographics and teacher information for the district as a whole

Printed copies of school and district reports are available upon request by calling 360-313-1250.