Professional Learning Communities

Allowing time for teachers to collaborate, which improves student learning.

What are PLCs?

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) began in Vancouver Public Schools in 2009.

PLCs support the district’s strategic plan by allowing time for teachers to work together, which improves student learning.

Educators participating in PLCs routinely focus on four essential questions:

  1. What do we expect students to learn?
  2. How will we know when they have learned it?
  3. How will we respond when they don’t learn?
  4. How will we respond when they already know it?

Why do we have PLCs?

PLCs allow time for teachers to collaborate.

Research shows significant learning gains may be achieved if time is provided for educators to work together to discuss lesson planning, assessments of students and interventions or enrichment of lessons.

When are PLCs?

PLCs are held every Monday. The schedule changes to a 60-minute early release on PLC dates.

Teachers working together.