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Testing at the Jim Parsley Center

Free optional COVID-19 testing is offered for students and staff members at the Jim Parsley Center. Testing is not offered on weekends or during holidays and breaks.

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Consent form for PCR test
Formulario de Permiso para la Prueba de COVID-19 PCR
Форма разрешения на проведение теста ПЦР на COVID-19
Taropwen Mwuumwuutá me Etipew ren ewe tesin COVID-19 PCR

Testing at schools

Optional testing for students and staff members will continue to be offered at schools as supplies allow.

Parent permission form
Formulario de consentimiento para realizar la prueba rápida de antígenos de COVID-19
Форма согласия на прохождение экспресс-теста на антиген к COVID-19
Taropwen mumutan Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test


While daily health screenings and temperature checks are not required, please keep your child home if they are running a fever or experiencing other symptoms of illness.

When to keep a child who is sick at home
What to do if a Person is Symptomatic at School
Cuándo mantener a su hijo enfermo en casa
Qué hacer si una persona es sintomática en la escuela
Когда больного ребёнка нужно оставлять дома
Инструкции при выявлении в школе лиц с симптомами
Epwe inet fansoun kopwe anómwatiw noumw en semirit nón imw nupwen a semwen


Masks/face coverings are optional in school buildings and on buses.

Masks/face coverings may be required in some situations such as after isolation due to a positive COVID-19 test or as the result of an outbreak.

Masks are required in school health rooms as these are considered health care settings.

People may always continue wearing masks or face coverings if they would like to do so. We respect individual choices regarding masks.

Case notification

A case in school will result in notifications to staff and the information being available on the school website and the district dashboard.

COVID-19 data dashboard

Cleaning & ventilation

Cleaning and ventilation remain an important part COVID-19 mitigation.

We will continue cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. The district will continue to monitor and maintain HVAC systems to ensure systems are functioning as intended.


Maintain physical distance in classrooms and common spaces to the degree possible and reasonable.

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