Alternative education

More options for achieving a high school diploma or GED

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Student Success Coordinator

Alternative education options are for students who have not found success in a traditional comprehensive high school and are looking for alternative ways to obtain their high school diploma or GED. The options listed below are free programs provided through our district, as well as through district partners.

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Student welfare and attendance:

Trish PiliadoDirector, Student Welfare and Attendance

Intent to Homeschool

In accordance with state law, a parent planning to administer home-based instruction must complete an Intent to Homeschool form and submit it to the student welfare and attendance office. An Intent to Homeschool declaration must be completed yearly. Visit the Washington Homeschool Organization for more information.

You can also fill out VPS’ Declaration of Intent to Homeschool online; the form will be sent directly to the student welfare and attendance office for processing.

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Vancouver Home Connection

Vancouver Home Connection is a parent partnership program that serves students in kindergarten through 8th grade in a primarily classroom-based model. This program will best meet the needs of students who have a high level of parent involvement, are motivated/independent learners and are interested in developing college and career readiness. On-site attendance is required two or three days per week.

Virtual Learning Academy

The Vancouver Virtual Learning Academy serves students sixth through 12th grades who prefer to learn independently. Students who have been adversely impacted by life’s challenges will find a highly personalized environment. Students who are on pace to graduate or those with credit deficiencies can work with staff to design an educational pathway for their style of learning. Students may request a waiver from VPS graduation requirements and access the state graduation requirements (20 credits). The array of online and contracted curriculum options enables student readiness for college or career. A computer and Internet access at home are required. Students are required to be on-site a minimum of 2.5 hours per week. Students with an individualized education plan will be required to be on-site for additional time.

Out-of-district online programs

Students who wish to transfer out of the Vancouver Public Schools to participate in online programs such as WAVA or Insight must visit the student welfare and attendance office in person to fill out paperwork.

GED preparation

Open Doors is a free GED-preparation and -testing program offered through ESD 112 that prepares students to take the GED test by attending flexible class sessions. Students are released to test once preparation is complete. For more information, contact Haley Hansen at 360-952-3454.


The Bridges Academy is a dropout prevention program. Students earn a 20-credit high school diploma through a mix of online and direct-instruction classes. Also, students are able to access the Cascade Technical Academy, where they can participate in career and technical education training. Students must be a resident of a Clark County, Washington, school district; clean from drug and alcohol abuse; and must have at least 5 credits prior to enrolling.

Washington Youth Academy is a free three-phase residential program that provides a highly disciplined, safe and professional learning environment for at-risk youth. Students can earn up to 8 credits and gain job skills while being challenged and developing self-discipline. Washington Youth Academy is located in Bremerton, Washington. Students must be legal resident of Washington and United States, not currently on parole or probation for anything other than juvenile offenses, have no felonies on record and must be drug-free upon enrollment.

Job Corps is a free career and academic training program for students who are ages 16-24. Opportunities available through Job Corps include GED and high school diploma, job placement and driver’s education. Housing, meals and basic medical services are provided. Students must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident, meet income guidelines and be motived and committed to the program.

Students must also be U. S citizen or a legal resident and meet income guidelines.

YouthFirst is a youth employment program in partnership with local school districts and community organizations that provides students with an opportunity to gain work experience and explore careers. While in YouthFirst, students obtain skills, education and vocational training to help them become employable.

Students must be between the ages of 16 and 24, currently out of school and facing barriers to success.

Connect 2 Careers Youth Workforce provides guidance and support for participants to develop strategies to achieve academic, personal and employment goals.

Students must be 16 to 21 years of age, currently out of school, low-income and facing barriers to success.