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The purpose of the Native American Education Title VII Program is to meet the unique educational and cultural needs of Native American and Alaskan Native students.  The program provides academic support and cultural education to district students of documented Native American/Alaskan Indian ancestry within the Evergreen, Vancouver and Battle Ground school districts.

Native American Education Title VII Program, managed by Evergreen School District, serves as a bridge between families and the district by providing a rich array of programs and services for Native American/Alaskan Indian students. An annual spring powwow celebrates diverse indigenous cultures and promotes Native culture awareness for students in Evergreen, Vancouver and Battle Ground public schools. The program also has opportunities for parents to engage and participate in the Native American Parent Association Committee that meets monthly at Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary, 14619-A NE 49th St., Vancouver, WA 98682 in portable #219 behind the school.

The Native American Education programs across the United States are in compliance with governmental treaties. The purpose is to address the educational and cultural needs of K-12 Native American and Alaska Native students as they strive to meet the challenging state performance standards.

For information regarding the Native American Education Title VII program, please call (360) 604-6757. For the Native American Parent Committee Association call (360) 604-4339. Follow on FaceBook at: Native American Education Program, Title VII,

Native American Education, Title VII Program
Phone: 360-604-6757
Fax: 360-604-4058
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Evergreen, Battle Ground and Vancouver public schools
Mailing Address: Native American Education Program
13501 NE 28th St. Vancouver, WA 98668-8910

Program services


First priority is given to students who are referred by school district staff. Students in the program who do not meet district or state standards and grades will be given academic support once referrals are made by the student’s teacher, counselor or parent. After-school tutoring hours are available by appointment for:

Monday evenings only from 6–8 p.m. at the Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary portable #220, 14619-A NE 49th St., Vancouver, WA 98682.

Tuesday evenings from 4–6 p.m. at Glenwood Heights Elementary Room 103, 9716 NE 134th St.,Vancouver, WA 98662.

Wednesday evenings from 6–8 p.m. at Cowlitz Indian Tribe Health & Human Services Clinic, 7700 NE 26th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98665.

Please contact (360) 604-6757 to schedule academic support/tutoring sessions.

Culture classes

Cultural enrichment activities are provided to enrolled NAE Title VII students K-12 from Evergreen, Vancouver and Battle Ground public schools on:

Monday evenings, 6–8 p.m. at Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary School portable #219, 14619-A NE 49th Street, Vancouver, WA 98682.

Fieldtrips, events and visits outside of class are posted on NAE Program newsletters.

Information available

A newsletter is mailed to NAE Title VII families of the students at the beginning of the school year and in the spring. NAE Title VII program information, activity calendar and local Native American events are posted in this newsletter. The program also has NA/AI resources for students and district staff including reference books, videotapes, audiotapes, DVDs, CDs and other materials that pertain to Native American culture, past and present.

How do I enroll my child(ren)?

Student Eligibility Certification Form 506 must be fully completed and verified for each child. You can get this 506 form from your school’s office or online.

Please call 360-604-6757 if your having trouble obtaining the 506 form.


Native American Education Title VII Program