What students learn in the classroom

Curriculum and instruction department

What we do: Foster and support relevant and meaningful teaching and learning to prepare students for success in high school and beyond.


Main line: 360-313-1020
Kris Janati: PK-5 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Director360-313-1020
Brian Graham: 6-12 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Director360-313-1020

Teaching and learning leadership
Curriculum and instruction department


Subject areas

Students learn a variety of subjects from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Jennifer Brown Sanders
Erynn Torrey
Early childhood education
Mathematics K-12/Early Childhood
Mark Wreath360-313-1350
Traci Young
Katie Morrison-Siewert360-313-1350
Lindsey Garcia
Courtney McEwan
K-5 English Langauge Arts/Social Studies
Rose Nelson
6-12 English Langauge Arts/Social Studies
Melina Dyer
K-5 Mathematics/Science
6-12 Mathematics/Science