High School and Beyond Plan

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Exploring opportunities and planning for the future

Graphic: High school and beyondThe purpose of the High School and Beyond Plan is to provide students with an opportunity to explore their interests and abilities; select coursework that will best prepare them for their post-secondary goals; and demonstrate preparation for college, careers and life.


In alignment with the mission of Vancouver Public Schools, and Washington state’s graduation requirements, the High School and Beyond Plan is a requirement for all graduates and includes five components.

  • The activities in Xello encourage students to explore their learning styles, abilities and career and education interests; set goals relative to their future; and compile school and community involvement throughout sixth through 12th grades in an electronic portfolio.
  • The course planner in Xello allows students to develop a four-year plan of high school courses aligned with their career and post-secondary plans and is the vehicle by which students will forecast for next year’s classes. The plan is developed in eighth grade and reviewed annually by students in cooperation with counselors, career specialists and parents.
  • The resume will prepare students for a successful transition to work and other post-high school opportunities.
  • The budget will be completed as part of a financial literacy unit of instruction in the classroom designed to increase awareness of important financial information and skill-building for life-readiness.
  • To incorporate the family connection, students will be given the opportunity to share the components of their High School and Beyond Plan annually with parents as part of the student-led conferences.

Timeline 2023-24

Required component Who supports students in this? When?
Xello requirements Career specialists 12th grade: September
11th grade: October
10th grade: November
9th grade: December/January
MS counselors 6th–8th grade: Spring
Xello course planner Counselors and career specialists 8th-11th grade: During the forecasting window February-March
Resume 11th-grade English teachers Late spring
Budget 12th-grade social studies teachers Spring
Family connection Students/families During student-led conferences
HSBP components should be done by March 20, 2024 in time to be shared at student-led conferences. Seniors should complete HSBP components in Xello by March 20, 2024, but no later than June 1, 2024 so this requirement can be marked complete on their transcript prior to graduating from high school, per Washington State law.

Meet Xello

Xello is a program that helps students plan their own unique journey whether it involves a trade, college, university, entrepreneurship, or other training.

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Graduation dates

Running Start

To fulfill the High School and Beyond Plan, all Part- and Full-time Running Start students must complete the same required activities in Xello as other 12th grade students, which for this year, 2021-22 includes the required lessons from 10th, 11th, and 12th grade listed on the HSBP Requirements document.  Please see your counselor or career specialist for Xello access information.