Vancouver School of Arts and Academics (VSAA)

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About Vancouver School of Arts and Academics

Vancouver School of Arts and Academics (VSAA) is a comprehensive middle school and high school program where the arts are not just part of the curriculum, they are at the heart of the educational experience.

At VSAA, every student in grades six through twelve will experience a wide array of artistic opportunities. In addition to studying science, math, social studies and English our students have the chance to explore each area of the arts. As students progress into high school, they have the opportunity to dive deeper into their chosen art forms, to develop their skills. VSAA teachers are practicing artists who can advise on the creative process.

VSAA School Environment

Our school environment encourages creativity, fosters self-discipline, and builds collaboration. These values are instilled in our students, preparing them for success in college, career, and life beyond. A strong foundation in the arts coupled with a well-rounded education, equips our students to thrive in any path they choose.

Arts Curriculum

• Dance
• Literary Arts—creative writing
• Moving Image Arts— animation, filmmaking, video production
• Music—band, orchestra, vocal
• Theatre
• Visual Arts—drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design, photography

Students have the option to enroll in dual credit for the following classes: ASL, Graphic Design, Marketing, Moving Image Arts Focus-level (Advanced Video Production), Algebra 2B, Pre-Calculus

English Language, English Literature, US History, US Government & Politics, Comparative Government & Politics, Human Geography, Psychology, Calculus AB, Biology, Music Theory, Studio Art 2D or 3D, Studio Art Drawing, Studio Art Photography

How do I apply?

Jennifer Hockhalter360-313-4600
Vancouver School of Arts and Academics coordinator
Rachel Fouts-Carrico360-313-4600
Vancouver School of Arts and Academics coordinator