Science, Math and Technology (SMT)

Full-day magnet

Engineer the future

Maybe you’re a goalie who solves quadratic equations in your sleep. Or you’re as comfortable speaking about student government issues as you are discussing Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Perhaps when you’re not playing the saxophone, you build and program robots for fun. You are, quite possibly, a student who belongs in the Science, Math and Technology magnet for freshmen through seniors at Skyview High School.

Why the SMT magnet? You’ll be immersed in rigorous classes and extracurricular activities within a traditional high school setting. Pre–Advanced Placement and AP courses enhance your learning and offer chances to earn college credit through AP exams. Project Lead The Way pre-engineering courses and Garage Game courses, offered in the district exclusively through the magnet, provide opportunities to use state-of-the-art technology. The annual Tech Day will challenge you and your classmates to complete fun physics projects such as building James Bond–style wheeled devices or constructing hot air balloons. A partnership with nConnect means you can learn from working professionals in the field. And outside of the school day, you can compete with the StormBots robotics team or participate in Skyview’s more than 50 other clubs, sports and activities.

Application process

Apply online during the magnet program application period, which typically begins in mid-January. If the deadline to apply has passed, please inquire about availability by contacting the SMT coordinator.

Learn more about SMT program

Nate Macon360-313-4200
SMT coordinator
Lindsey Hathaway360-313-4200
SMT coordinator