International Baccalaureate (IB)

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Consider different perspectives. Gain awareness and confidence. Think critically. Reflect.
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Students in ninth and 10th grades enter as a part of the Honors program, then begin the full IB program in 11th grade. Ninth- and 10th-grade Honors program classes are taught with an international perspective and are designed to prepare students for the rigors of university-level coursework required of International Baccalaureate Program classes in 11th and 12th grades.

The IB curriculum will challenge students to develop expertise in all subjects, as well as skills for success in college and the global economy. Courses are offered in English/literature, math, French, Spanish, German, history, psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, art, music and film/moviemaking.

Columbia River’s Diploma Program is designed as an academically challenging and balanced program of study that prepares students for success at university and life beyond. The Diploma Program develops a positive attitude toward learning and emphasizes the development of the whole student—physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

Complete one or more IB courses—and exams—and you could receive college credit recognized at institutions throughout the world. Complete the entire IB Diploma Program and you could receive priority admission to top universities, increased college credit and additional scholarship opportunities.

The IB Program at Columbia River High School also has a second option, the Career-related Program. Students can select the path that makes the most sense for their future. The Career-related Program incorporates the values of the IB into a career-related pathway. Currently, Columbia River offers career-related pathway options in computer science and digital arts (video, photo and graphic design), with a plan to expand the program options each year. Future expansions include pathway options in marketing, education, mechatronics and health sciences. Students who complete this program are well equipped to enter into apprenticeships or higher education, or go directly into competitive employment.

Application process

The application process is designed to measure your interest, motivation and academic performance. The process begins with an online application where you will submit your transcripts and a letter of recommendation. You will also have the option to submit a FlipGrid video to share more about yourself!

Prerequisite for Diploma Program: Completion of Algebra I with an A or B grade.

There is no prerequisite to enter the Career-related Program.

Apply online during the magnet program application period, which typically begins in mid-January. If the deadline to apply has passed, please inquire about availability.

Julie Nygaard360-313-3900
Diploma Program coordinator
Morgan Parker360-313-3922
Career-related Program coordinator

Sample four-year plan

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
PB English 9 PB English 10 IB English 11 IB English Seminar
PB Biology PB Chemistry IB Biology 2,
IB Chemistry 2 or
IB Physics
IB Biology 3,
IB Chemistry 3 or
IB Physics 2
PB Geometry or higher PB Algebra 2 or higher IB Pre-Calculus/
Trig/Stats or higher
or IB Math Studies
IB Calculus Methods or higher or
IB Math Studies 2
World Language: Spanish, French or German (same language all four years) World Language: Spanish, French or German (same language all four years) World Language: Spanish, French or German (same language all four years) World Language: Spanish, French or German (same language all four years)
Elective: PE and Health PB World Themes IB History of Americas IB Modern World History
Art Elective or Occupational Education Elective Elective: Visual Art, Music, Video Production, Photography or Pottery Elective: IB Art,
IB Music, IB Film,
IB Photography,
IB Pottery, IB Psychology, IB Computer Science, Second World Language or Second IB Science
Elective: IB Art,
IB Music, IB Film,
IB Photography,
IB Pottery,  IB Psychology, IB Computer Science, Second World Language or Second IB Science
Theory of Knowledge (second semester) Theory of Knowledge (first semester)


  • IB diploma
  • IB certificate


  • Washington State Career Skills Certificate
    • Basic Digital Photography
    • Video Production