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Blaze your own trail

Vancouver Flex Academy is a school of choice, blazing a trail for motivated, hardworking students who will excel in a nontraditional school setting. Flex Academy uses a new blended learning model that combines online education with face-to-face instruction to prepare students for college, career and life.

At Flex Academy, students attend school five days per week. Instruction is divided between classes and independent online study with teacher supervision and support. Class schedules vary based on need and progress. If you choose to attend Flex Academy, you’ll learn to take responsibility for yourself and your education as you prepare for college and beyond.

Why Vancouver Flex Academy?

  • Flex learning model combines online education with face-to-face instruction
  • Applied learning experiences through project-based learning
  • Strong and nurturing student/adviser relationships
  • College and career prep
  • Personalized instruction
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Emphasis on building academic and personal skills
  • Caring and qualified staff
  • Increased opportunities for student and parent involvement in the learning experience

Qualifying students are able to:

  • Become college and career ready through AVID and Advanced Placement classes
  • Participate in ASB, yearbook and other exciting enrichment activities
  • Participate in community internships and hands-on learning experiences

Application process

Vancouver Flex Academy is currently accepting applications.

Apply online today!
Reland Short
Vancouver Flex Academy coordinator

Sample four-year plan

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Freshman English/
Sophomore English/
Junior English/
AP English Lit Comp
Senior English Comp/British Lit/AP English Lit
Career and Technical Education Multimedia, Horticulture, Yearbook, Photography or Game Design World Themes: Washington Perspective U.S. History
Econ/Contemporary World Problems (first semester), Government/CWP (second semester)
Algebra I/Geometry Geometry/Algebra II Algebra II/
Pre-AP Calculus
Math or
Math-Based Science
PE (first semester), Health (second semester) PE Visual/Performing Art Visual/Performing Art
Personal Pathway
Biology/Horticulture Zoology Chemistry CTE or Personal Pathway
World Language or Personal Pathway World Language or Personal Pathway Elective Elective
Coming soon