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Discover your unique gifts and unleash your potential.

A student playing the piano on stage.

What are Programs of Choice?

Programs of Choice are specialized programs designed to help students explore their interests and uncover their unique gifts before they graduate and face important life decisions. 

Our programs offer a wide range of exciting opportunities for students in sixth through 12th grades with choices that focus on arts, science, technology and skilled trades. 

What are the benefits of Programs of Choice?

Choice Programs help your student discover their interests, embrace their talents, and embark on a remarkable educational journey.

Programs of Choice help students:

  • Discover their talents 

  • Take a deep dive into their areas of interest

  • Get a head start on their college education and/or prepare for college-level work

  • Learn skills and earn certificates that prepare them for work immediately after graduation

Students learning to build in the Construction Trades program of choice at Hudson's Bay

Full-day choice programs for students grades 9-12

Students in the IB program

International Baccalaureate (IB)

International Baccalaureate is a worldwide honors program with an internationally-designed curriculum. This program is designed to help students develop critical thinking and research skills that will facilitate their success both at college and within our larger global society.

Science, Math and Technology choice program students

Skyview Science Math and Technology (Skyview SMT)

Skyview SMT is dedicated to providing a challenging academic program that prepares students for college-level study while letting them participate in a traditional high school experience. The program focuses on using science, math, and technology knowledge to solve difficult problems with a hands-on approach.

Half-day choice programs for students grades 10-12

Building Trades student building a structure

Construction Trades (formerly ACES)

Our Construction Trades program is designed to build skills needed for direct entry into the construction field or an apprenticeship program. This program offers coursework in framing, plumbing, foundations, and basic electrical, and leads to capstone projects incorporating all these skills. 

Student welding a project

Advanced Manufacturing 

Our Advanced Manufacturing program is designed to provide students with the technical knowledge and skills to pursue career opportunities in manufacturing, welding, and fabrication.

Medical Arts students learning about the human anatomy.

Medical Arts

Our Medical Arts program of choice is a three-year program that focuses on building knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for careers in the healthcare field. Students will focus on health, wellness, science, math, technology and medicine as a central theme.

Culinary Arts student working at Passport Cafe.

Culinary Arts

Our Culinary Arts program offers extensive hands-on opportunities in all areas of catering events, café management, and food service. 

Full-day choice schools for students grades 6-12

iTech students working on project

iTech Preparatory

iTech Prep has a STEM focus with art and design principles integrated into the core curriculum. This school provides project-based learning opportunities in a technology-rich, modern learning environment. 

Vancouver School of Arts and Academics students performing on stage.

The Vancouver School of Arts and Academics (VSAA)

VSAA puts the arts at the core of an interdisciplinary curriculum. All students study science, mathematics, social studies, English, and health, as well as artistic studies in dance, music, theater, literary arts, visual arts, and moving image arts.

Flex students in greenhouse

Flex Academy

Flex Academy is a school of choice with a small school environment for motivated, compassionate and hard-working students. Flex Academy uses a learning model that combines face-to-face instruction, differentiated instruction and project-based learning to prepare students for college, career, and life readiness. Flex Academy embodies a culture of achievement where students are prepared to thrive taking ownership for themselves and their education as they prepare to excel as 21st Century graduates.

Students at Heights Campus

Heights Campus

The Heights Campus is a School of Choice offering unique programs designed to meet a variety of student and family needs. The school’s programs serve students from Kindergarten through age 21. 

We offer secondary choice programs and schools for a wide range of interests

Grades STEM Arts Career & technical Project-based Full day Half day Location

Which choice program or school is right for you?

Grades icon STEM icon Arts icon Career and Technical icon Search icon
International Baccalaureate 9–12 Columbia River
Science, Math and Technology 9–12 Skyview
Construction Trades 10–12 Hudson’s Bay
Advanced Manufacturing Fort Vancouver
Medical Arts 10–12 Fort Vancouver
Culinary Arts 10–12 Fort Vancouver
Vancouver iTech Preparatory 6–12 iTech
Vancouver School of Arts and Academics 6–12 VSAA
Vancouver Flex Academy 9–12 Flex
Heights Campus K-12 Heights Campus