Registering for school

New to VPS: for both kindergarten and new grade level students.

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Registering for school doesn’t have to be difficult! Take a look at the required documentation below that you need to bring to your neighborhood school upon registration. Gathering this paperwork and filling it out before coming to the school will save you time. If you have children who will attend different schools, however, you will need to return the forms to each location.

Registering for school

The registration process still must be completed at the school, but the amount of time it takes is greatly reduced if you already have the registration packet completed.

  1. Please print and complete these forms and bring them along with supporting documentation to your resident school for registration.
  2. Check with your resident school for office hours.

Registering for school: kindergarten

The timeframe for kindergarten registration begins every year after spring break, at the beginning of April. Registered kindergarteners are invited to participate in the district’s free Jump Start program in the summertime, which gives incoming kindergarteners an opportunity to get familiar with the school and classroom before school begins. Learn more about kindergarten, age requirements and see upcoming visitation schedules.

Need help?

For help with information on this page, call the Student Welfare and Attendance office: 360-313-1330

  1. Supporting documents

Please bring the completed registration packet with the following documents when registering your student:

School registration packet:

Kindergarten Only: Birth Certificate or passport for student(s) 

For grades 1-8: Copy of most recent report card

For grades 9-12: Copy of most recent report card/or transcript of completed classes

IEP and current evaluation (if your child is receiving Special Services support) OR 504 Plan AND/OR Individual Health Plan (if your child has one).

Note: There may be a few additional forms that will need to be completed at the school at the time of registration.

2. Proof of Immunizations

Upon registration, you must provide current immunization information for your child.

3. Proof of Residency

To establish a student’s residence, the parent of legal guardian must provide one of the documents listed below:

  • Mortgage Statement/Current Rental Agreement
  • Government Issued Check or Correspondence
  • Public Agency Document (DSHS, Courts)
  • Current Payroll Check or Stub with Name and Address
  • Utility Bill (Water/Sewer, Electricity)
  • Driver’s License or other Official ID with Current Address

Note: If you cannot supply the documentation listed, you will be referred to Student Welfare and Attendance to determine an appropriate pathway for proof of residency that may include a home visit.
Please present the original, requested document(s) at the time of registration. A copy will be made and the original documents returned to you.
As part of the registration process, you will be required to read and sign the Residency Verification Affidavit form. Misrepresentation of residency information or failure to follow through with the statements in the affidavit will result in the student’s withdrawal from the school.

4. McKinney-Vento Questionnaire

Contact the Homeless Outreach Promoting Education (H.O.P.E) if you have questions about the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Program

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