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Renewal education & operations (E&O)ICONS


  • The renewal education & operations levy is not a new tax. It replaces expiring levies.

  • This renewal levy will be on the February 2023 ballot.

  • If approved, the levy would be for four years from 2024 to 2027.

  • All schools in the district benefit from this levy.

  • Local levy dollars make up 12.5% of the VPS budget.

  • The estimated rate is $1.99 per $1,000 of assessed property value.* Voters last approved a supplemental levy in 2020. The combined local levy rate was $2.01 per $1,000 of assessed property value the first year of collection. This renewal levy replaces both expiring levies. 

  • Local levies bridge the ongoing state funding gap between what the state funds and what it actually costs to deliver on our commitment to offer each student a quality education, safety, and resources for well-being.

  • This levy helps to pay for staffing and operations that are unfunded, or underfunded, by the state, such as:

    • Special education
    • Classroom programs and programs of choiceBallots due Feb. 14, 2023.
    • Additional teachers, nurses, counselors, mental health and general staff
    • Safety and security staff
    • Family-Community Resource Centers
    • Sports and extracurriculars like orchestra, band, choir and theater
    • Maintenance and utilities for buildings and grounds

*Future tax rates are estimates and fluctuate due to changes in property assessments and area growth.

Staffing funded by local levy dollars

Extracurricular activities
Safety support
Classroom teachers
Counseling and nursing supports
Family-Community Resource Center

Based on 2019-20 official OSPI budget reports, which is our best estimate for 2023-24 funding breakdown percentages after COVID-19 related ESSER funding ends.


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