Photo: The Columbian

Photo source: The Columbian

Three teams from Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies took part in the Southwest Washington MESA Day competition at Washington State University Vancouver on April 15. The students were challenged to build a prosthetic arm and program it to pick up and move objects, manipulate nuts and bolts and accurately throw an object. The competition also required a technical paper, display board and a presentation before a panel of judges.

This was the inaugural showing for Fort students Johnny Green, Antonio Carrazco Pelayo,  Mitzi Ramirez-Frias, Susie Landa, Timothy Flatin, Valerii Vranchan, Mily Martinez, Yaneri Garcia-Hernandez, Lexie Hunter and Jarick Reyes. Based on their impressive performance they’ll likely be back. The team of Garcia-Hernandex, Hunter and Reyes took first place in the regional competition and qualified for the state competition. The team of Landa, Fatin, Vranchan and Martinez took third. Their teacher is Luanna Parno.

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