On Nov. 7, Vancouver Public Schools will thank Michelle Giovannozzi and Rosemary Fryer for their service on the district’s board of directors. Everyone is invited to attend the celebration.

Giovannozzi departed the board at the end of July and Fryer declined to seek re-election. Giovannozzi relocated outside of the district. Directors must live within VPS’ boundaries to serve. Fryer will complete her term before leaving to focus on other commitments.

Both Fryer and Giovannozzi were elected in 2015. During their time on the board, graduation rates rose to an all-time high. Every school in the district is being rebuilt or upgraded through a $458 million bond measure. Through levy funding, students continue to have access to individual technology tools that teach skills required for success in college and the workforce.

Prior to her time on the VPS board, Giovannozzi served on the board of the Foundation for VPS for six years. She also was on the board of Leadership Clark County. Giovannozzi has more than 25 years of experience in adult education and professional development and currently leads Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education.

Fryer has more than 35 years of teaching experience. She taught junior high and high school in Vancouver and Evergreen public schools and holds the prestigious National Board certification. Fryer and her husband have founded two nonprofit organizations to educate at-risk youth and incarcerated adults, and they provide support and resources to aid veterans.