Goal Area: Family Engagement

Vancouver Public Schools holds a strong belief that our entire community benefits when everyone is invested in helping children succeed.

The role of the Family-Community Resource Centers is to create a culture within the school that provides support to students beyond the classroom; and that often begins with supporting parents.

Recently, the district developed a new approach to helping parents and students right from the start: the Go Ready! Back-to-School Readiness Festival.

More than 2,000 students and families attended the inaugural Go Ready! Back-to-School-Readiness Festival on Aug. 27. Families had the opportunity to access school supplies, backpacks, socks, shoes, clothing, haircuts, and much more. While the number of attendees was far greater than anticipated, Family-Community Resource Center (FCRC) staff members followed up with individuals to make sure their needs were met.

Family-Community Resource Centers Director Tamara Shoup and Community and Family Engagement Coordinator Pat Roe described the day and the results of the event.

“We planned for 500 and 2,128 parents and children showed up,” said Roe. “People started lining up at 9 a.m. for the 1 p.m. opening.”

The stats:

  • 1,224 students from 36 schools
  • 32 volunteers
  • 25 staff
  • 76 community partner exhibits
  • 600 backpacks filled with supplies
  • 351 pairs of shoes
  • 500 pairs of socks
  • 50 haircuts plus 51 haircut vouchers
  • 2,000 water bottles
  • 2,000 ice cream bars and popsicles

The outcomes

  • Expanded awareness of immediate need
  • Positive feedback from partners and donors
  • Avenue for follow-up at schools without FCRCs to expand reach to many more families

“The hearts in our community are huge. When we put out the request for help, people responded,” concluded Roe.

“It’s clear that there is great need in our district,” said Board Director Mari Greves. “Thanks to all of our partners who stepped up to make this event a success.”