Be brave, dream big, try new things and be kind to one another. That was the message that singer Kat Perkins delivered to Minnehaha Elementary students on Nov. 5. In two assemblies, The Voice season 6 finalist shared her tips for living fearlessly. Perkins also performed two songs and invited students and teacher Scott Van House onstage for a chance to ask or answer questions. Perkins’ appearance was organized by longtime Minnehaha volunteer Annie Dornquast.

The assembly is part of Minnehaha’s focus on mindfulness, positivity and being kind.

With the MindUp curriculum, students are learning self-awareness, self-management, decision-making and social skills.

Incentives for positive behavior include currency for the school store. Students earn extra money by standing up to bullying.

In addition, a group of fifth-graders serves as student leaders and peer mentors to support to their classmates and staff members. Nia Martin is a student-leader who works with her peers to spread positivity to others around the school. “We let them know that they matter by making them feel good and encouraging them,” said Martin.

A little kindness goes a long way.