By collecting and recycling 1,717 pounds of plastic film wrap—2.069 pounds per student—Sarah J. Anderson Elementary has earned Vancouver Public Schools’ first-place spot in Clark County’s 2016 Trex Plastic Wrap Collection Challenge.

The challenges encourages schools to collect plastic bags and other types of polyethylene for the chance to win Trex products. Leading Anderson’s efforts was teacher Paula Wallers Stocker.

Other top-performing VPS schools included:

  • Thomas Jefferson Middle School—1,040.01 pounds (1.3 pounds per student)
  • Walnut Grove Elementary—736.5 pounds (0.963 pounds per student)
  • Felida Elementary—618.4 pounds (0.909 pounds per student)
  • Ogden Elementary—532 pounds (0.967 pounds per student)
  • Eisenhower Elementary—160 pounds (0.276 pounds per student)
  • Chinook Elementary—188.5 pounds (0.267 pounds per student)
  • Columbia River High School—65.2 pounds (0.054 pounds per student)
  • Fort Vancouver High School—54.06 pounds (0.036 pounds per student)

In addition to VPS’ winner, winning schools were named in the Evergreen, Camas and Battle Ground school districts.

Across the county, schools collectively accumulated nearly 11,800 pounds of plastic wrap.

Each participating school received a Trex planter made from recycled plastic and wood. In addition, each district’s winning school received a bench from Trex. Anderson also received a commemorative plaque from the city of Vancouver at an award assembly on May 13.