School nurse

Fort Vancouver High School

Years with VPS: 20

Valerie Hunt, nurse, Fort Vancouver High SchoolMost memorable career experience: A car accident left one of my students with a fractured skull and neck damage. To help her return to her classes, I set up a plan for her care at school. Since she couldn’t talk, I also facilitated her receiving an iPad with a speaking program.

A few things I’ve learned: School nursing can be challenging. We are considered first responders, without a hospital team and with few supplies. We care for a wide variety of illnesses, diseases and conditions. We provide urgent, emergent, chronic, mild to severe and life-threatening care. School nursing is a huge responsibility; it is intense and I love it.

Three words that describe me: Knowledgeable, caring and happy.

When I’m not working, I: Enjoy family time, walking my collie dogs and taking them to the dog park, practicing hot yoga and competing. Currently, I am the Senior Women’s Regional and Washington State Yoga Asana Champion. I enjoy exercising our family horse, gardening and crocheting.

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