• Skyview High School, science fair
  • Skyview High School, science fair

More than 70 students from the region participated in the Southwest Washington Science and Engineering Fair on March 11, 2017. Students from Vancouver Public Schools were awarded first place in three of the four overall categories. Congratulations to the following:

Columbia River High School

  • Jack Kolosvary: Overall winner of the fair and first place in the Computer Science and Engineering category for his solar/piezoelectric phone charging case. He will represent Southwest Washington and Washington state at the Intel International Science Fair in Los Angeles, California, later this spring.
  • Katie Colson: First place in the Environmental Science category and recognition by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for her project “Examining the production of methane of various ratios of cow manure and apple”
  • Daria Kakorin: First place in the Physical Sciences category and recognition by the Association for Women Geoscientists for her project “The effect of substrate variation on the production of electricity by the bacteria in a microbial fuel cell”
  • Olivia Dickson and Ilana Issula: Second place in the Life Sciences category for their project “What is the effect of common pain relievers on elodea and its ability to perform photosynthesis measured by dissolved oxygen and pH?”
  • Piper Scott: Third place in Physical Science category and recognition by the American Meterological Society and Mu Alpha Theta for her project “Rainfall and Its Use in Predicting Flow”
  • Emilia Gorecki: Rioch Sustainable Development Award for her project “The effect of type of compostable material on the temperature and its effect on the rate of decomposition of material in the compost”
  • Malcolm Anderson: Recognition by the Society for In Vitro Biology for his project “Analyzing the effectiveness of WHOOSH screen shine cleaner and anti-microbial cloth”
  • Julie Fergus: Recognition by the Association for Women Geoscientists for her project “The effect of proximity to the senior parking lot on the overall health of Cougar Creek”
  • Tyler Troelsen: Recognition by the ASU Walton Sustainable Schools Initiative for his project “The effect of ceratophyllum demersum surface coverage on the dissolved oxygen and fecal coliform colonies in water”

Gwendolyn Thompson-Davis is their adviser.

Skyview High School

  • Nathaniel Chen, Amelia Madarang and Kristen Stilin: Intel Excellence in Computer Science award for their project “Duck and cover,” an Android application
  • Cynthia Au, Madeline McKinney and Darby Snyder: Recognition by the American Meterological Society for their project “Effect of proximity of residential developments to riparian zone on indicators of erosion”

Their advisers are Kim Hansen, Heather Davis and Megan Humphrey.