2018 property taxes

Students outside of McLoughlin Middle School

McLoughlin Middle School will be completely rebuilt, thanks to a bond measure that voters approved in February 2017. Every single school in the district will be rebuilt or receive improvements between 2017 and 2024. 

How school bonds and levies affect your bill

In Vancouver Public Schools, we are grateful for local voters and taxpayers’ support of this community’s schools. Your ongoing contributions allow us to provide extraordinary educations to Vancouver students, employ local workers and build/maintain buildings that serve the community.

Vancouver Public Schools receives tax dollars from different sources.

Local level

In previous years, local voters said yes to two levies and two bond measures that will affect property owners’ tax bills in 2018:

State level and the levy swap

A state schools tax provides funding for school districts all over Washington.

  • In 2018, the state will increase its school tax rate (amounts vary by county) and redistribute the money all over Washington. Local school levy rates will not be affected.
  • In 2019, the state will maintain its school tax rate. Local school levy rates will be scaled back to $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value. This is known as the levy swap. The changes will not affect voter-approved school bonds.

Learn more about why this is happening.

Tax rate breakdown

2017: Pre-levy swap

Educational maintenance and operations levy: $2.80
VPS bonds: $1.43
VPS technology levy: $0.24
State school tax: $1.98

Actual total: $6.45 per assessed $1,000

2018: Transition year

Educational maintenance and operations levy: $2.64
VPS bonds: $1.52
VPS technology levy: $0.22
State school tax: $2.91

Estimated total: $7.29 per assessed $1,000

2019: Levy swap

Educational maintenance and operations levy: $1.50
VPS bonds: $1.52
VPS technology levy: $0.20
State school tax: $2.59

Estimated total: $5.81 per assessed $1,000

Sample amounts

To calculate that amount that you’ll owe annually in school taxes, please use the following formula:

Assessed home values (which vary from market values) are determined by the Clark County assessor’s office.

The following table demonstrates the amount of school-related taxes that the owner of a median-priced home in Clark County might pay. Note that Vancouver Public Schools is not the only school district in the county, and rates will vary from district to district.

Tax year 2017

Tax year 2018

Tax year 2019

Median assessed home value

$272,500 $300,000 $334,800

State school tax

($1.98 per assessed $1,000)
($2.91 per assessed $1,000)
($2.59 per assessed $1,000)

VPS levies and bonds

($4.47 per assessed $1,000)
($4.38 per assessed $1,000)
($3.22 per assessed $1,000)


(does not include other non-school levies or bonds)

 $1,758 $2,187 $1,945

Frequently asked questions

In an effort to address the state’s constitutional duty to fund basic education, the state Legislature changed the way Washington funds K-12 education. The changes affect:

  • Property taxes imposed by the state
  • Certain voter-approved property taxes imposed by school districts
  • State funding for certain school districts

Read the fine print in Engrossed House Bill 2242.


Yes. However, the 91 cent state levy increase in 2018 does not result in a direct 91 cent increase for Clark County school districts because the money is redistributed through the state.

Please visit our levy and bond information webpage to learn more.

Vancouver Public Schools’ board of directors approves resolutions to put levies and bond measures on the ballot. The district determines the requested amount. Local voters are asked to approve or deny each levy and bond measure.

Levies and bonds are used for different things. Levy dollars pay for educational programs and day-to-day operations of schools. Bonds pay for facilities. Learn more.

If you:


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Local levies pay for a variety of things, including classroom supplies, textbooks and equipment.

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